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Angriffe über Word ohne Makros möglich
NetzPalaver - February 23, 2018

Top security threats of 2018: Part 1 - GDPR
Computing - February 14, 2018

GDPR: The right to be forgotten
GDPR.Report - February 12, 2018

NHS Trusts Have Failed Cybersecurity Tests
Information Security Buzz - February 7, 2018

Ruag gründet Cyber-Security-Gruppe
Netzwoche - February 7, 2018

Ruag gründet Cyber-Security-Gruppe
IT-MARKT - February 7, 2018

IT-Sicherheit: RUAG legt Security-Sparte mit Clearswift zusammen
Computer Reseller News - February 6, 2018

Ruag baut die Cybersecurity-Sparte schon wieder um
Inside-Channels - February 6, 2018

Afternoon Briefing - Markt Schweiz
Finanzen - February 6, 2018

Afternoon Briefing - Markt Schweiz
Kantonalbank - February 6, 2018

Afternoon Briefing - Markt Schweiz
4-traders - February 6, 2018

Afternoon Briefing - Markt Schweiz
Finanz und Wirtschaft - February 6, 2018

GDPR causing spending delays
Computer Weekly - January 24, 2018

The Right To Be Forgotten
SCC - January 23, 2018

The Right To Be Forgotten
Public Now - January 23, 2018

Insiders Are Behind Most Business Cybersecurity Incidents
Cyber Security Intelligence - January 23, 2018

Are mobile operators prepared for GDPR?
Tech Radar - January 12, 2018

Are mobile operators prepared for GDPR?
4-Traders - January 12, 2018


RUAG Cyber Security plans to accelerate growth and expansion in EMEA market place
Monday 5th February 2018

UK IT security company Clearswift now fully integrated into RUAG Cyber business unit following 2016 acquisition by Swiss Technology giant

Mind the GDPR gap: Board members at odds with management on level of GDPR compliance
Wednesday 24th January 2018

41% of board-level respondents think they have all of the necessary processes in place to be GDPR complaint, yet, only 21% of middle management agree.

Right to be Forgotten: 75% of employees likely to exercise rights under GDPR
Monday 1st January 2018

New research by data security company, Clearswift, has shown that 75% of employees are likely to exercise their right to be forgotten (RTBF). The principle, also known as ‘right to erasure’, dictates that an individual can request their data to be removed or deleted when there is no compelling reason for a business to continue processing that information.


How Not To Uber Your Data Breach: A Guide For Handling A Cyber-Attack
Information Security Buzz - December 13, 2017

Guide for handling a cyber-attack
Professional Security Magazine - December 7, 2017

Right to be forgotten: 75% of employees likely to exercise rights under GDPR
Global Banking and Finance Review - December 5, 2017

GDPR's right to be forgotten
Channelnomics - December 4, 2017

Right to be forgotten
Professional Security Magazine - December 1, 2017

Businesses bracing for GDPR data deletion requests
Computer Weekly - December 1, 2017

Uber Hack
Information Security Buzz - December 1, 2017

Right to be Forgotten: 75% of employees likely to exercise rights under GDPR
Maritime Cyber Security Centre - December 1, 2017

Companies don't feel in control of data ahead of GDPR
Business Cloud - November 29, 2017

What to do if your public cloud is breached
Cloud Pro - November 16, 2017

Education sector rivals tech industry in the race to GDPR compliance
Digital Forensics Magazine - October 20, 2017

Tech Sector Comes Top in GDPR Preparedness
Comms Business - October 20, 2017

Today's channel rundown
Channelnomics - October 19, 2017

Only 1 in 4 businesses currently ready for GDPR
Digitalisation World - October 19, 2017

Insider Threats and its Impact on Data Security
ChannelWorld - October 4, 2017

Skills are an area where the channel can add value
Computer Weekly - October 3, 2017

The Swiss One Stop Cyber Shop
Mönch Publishing Group - September 26, 2017

Firms should beware of the Insider Threat
Business Cloud - September 25, 2017

Cyber Security Incidents Continue to Rise Says Report
Software Testing News - September 25, 2017

Beware the insider threat
Digitalisation World - September 25, 2017

Cyber security incidents continue to rise, says report
Software Testing News - September 22, 2017

Scottish Parliament Cyber Attack
Information Security Buzz - August 17, 2017

WannaCry: 25% Add Cybersecurity to Boardroom Agenda
InfoSecurity Magazine - July 19, 2017

Is it time to protect IoT data with blockchain?
Internet of Business - July 7, 2017

Petya Ransomware Attack
Information Security Buzz - June 29, 2017

Finance Monthly
Finance Monthly - June 27, 2017

BBC Click - Cyber Security: 5 top tips
BBC Click - May 20, 2017

Post-Breach Share Prices Tumble Nearly 2%
InfoSecurity Magazine - April 12, 2017

Clearswift enters new era under RUAG
Megabuyte - February 28, 2017

RUAG completes acquisition of Clearswift - January 23, 2017


Clearswift signs hosting contract with zsah Ltd
Thursday 2nd November 2017

Clearswift, a global cyber security innovator and data loss prevention specialist, and zsah Ltd, a leading UK owned hosting company, have announced a partnership that will allow Clearswift customers to host their award winning SECURE Email Gateway and SECURE Web Gateway products in UK data centers, thereby helping customers comply with increasingly stringent data protection requirements and the upcoming GDPR regulations.

GDPR readiness: Education sector rivals technology industry in race towards General Data Protection Regulation compliance
Wednesday 18th October 2017

New research from leading information security company Clearswift has shown that the education sector is rivaling technology for the top spot when it comes to GDPR preparedness. When asked whether firms currently have all of the necessary processes in place to be compliant, the top five performing sectors included technology and telecommunications (32%), education (31%), IT (29%), business services (29%) and finance (29%).

Insider Threat: 74% of security incidents come from the extended enterprise, not hacking groups
Monday 25th September 2017

According to a recent survey, organizations report that 42% of IT security incidents occur as a result of their employees actions, and 74% originate from their extended enterprise (employees, customers, suppliers). The insider threat continues to be a leading cause of security breaches.

WannaCry Fallout: 80% of Brits more worried about how organizations store their data following latest attacks
Tuesday 18th July 2017

Take a look at the figure: 29% of UK firms will add cyber security to the boardroom agenda following WannaCry attack. 58% of UK organizations now feel another attack is imminent. The UK is less likely than USA, Australia and Germany to proactively read, seek advice or change passwords in the wake of the attack

RUAG Defence appoint Clearswift CEO Heath Davies as Senior Vice President of Cyber Security
Wednesday 14th June 2017

RUAG Defence today announced the appointment of Mr Heath Davies as Senior Vice President of Cyber Security.

Clearswift announces technology partnership with London Digital Security Centre
Thursday 8th June 2017

Clearswift has announced its partnership with the London Digital Security Centre, an initiative to make London the safest place for businesses to innovate online.

RUAG completes acquisition of cyber security company Clearswift
Monday 23rd January 2017

RUAG Defence has successfully completed the acquisition of the British cyber security company Clearswift announced in December 2016. This acquisition enables RUAG to enhance key aspects of its current product and service portfolio in the area of cyber security.


Clearswift snapped up by Swiss outfit
Computer Weekly - December 21, 2016

Lyceum Capital sells investment in Clearswift
Insider Media - December 21, 2016

Clearswift sold to RUAG
Comms Business - December 21, 2016

Preparing for GDPR: steps you need to take now
IT Security Guru - June 17, 2016

JTB Hack Underscores Need For Revamp Of Cybersecurity
Information Security Buzz - June 17, 2016

Defending Local Government
Local Government News - June 8, 2016

Game Changing Year for Clearswift
Tech Market Review - June 7, 2016

Is it time for Data Protection Officers?
Tech Radar - June 6, 2016

IT jobs: How to hire staff who can survive digital disruption
Computer Business Review - May 26, 2016

How to handle the new US-EU data regulations
Tech Radar Pro - May 23, 2016

GDPR: understand, update and inform
Professional Security Magazine - May 20, 2016

Email Scams Proliferate
Treasury and Risk - May 12, 2016

UK Regulator Ofcom Suffers Massive Insider Breach
eSecurity Planet - March 14, 2016

Getting tough on cyber crime
The Times Raconteur cyber-security supplement - March 7, 2016

Social media threats
SC Magazine - March 1, 2016

'I love the creativity'
The Daily Telegraph - February 18, 2016

Keeping pace with a changing world
The Daily Telegraph - February 18, 2016

Is working remotely on mobile devices safe?
The Times - February 18, 2016

Data regulation questions
Professional Security - February 1, 2016

Data Privacy Day: Q & A on DP legislation
IT Security News - January 28, 2016

Data Privacy Day: Q & A on DP legislation
IT Security Guru - January 28, 2016

Clearswift: Looking for DLP lift-off
Megabuyte - January 26, 2016

Clearswift: modernising to improve competitive position
Tech Market View - January 20, 2016

Silver linings while clouds gather
SC Magazine - January 14, 2016

2016, the Year of Connection, Attacks and Regulations
Information Security Buzz - January 13, 2016

What Fashion Needs to Know About Cybersecurity
Business of Fashion - January 8, 2016


Clearswift and GeoLang announce technology partnership.
Friday 4th November 2016

UK companies Clearswift Ltd and GeoLang Ltd today announced their technology partnership that will enable a new solut

Clearswift sees unprecedented growth in a game changing year
Tuesday 7th June 2016

Clearswift, a global cyber security innovator, recognized in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Loss Prevention, announced a game changing FY16.

Dexceo announced as new Scandinavia Distributor for Clearswift.
Thursday 10th March 2016

Dexceo set to bring critical information protection to businesses in the Scandinavian Region

Clearswift and SecureMySocial Announce Combined Offering
Friday 19th February 2016

Data Loss Prevention to combat social media information leaks; anytime, anywhere. 

Catch up with the latest news from Clearswift or view our press releases archive to see what we have been up to.

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