Clearswift SECURITY+: when you need more, but can’t afford to throw out what you have

Clearswift is pleased to launch a new initiative called SECURITY+.  Aimed at organizations who have security solutions in place today and who recognize the immediate need for more advanced security, but who cannot afford to 'rip and replace' what they already have in place or wait until an existing security supplier contract is up for renewal.

Specifically, Clearswift SECURITY+ is designed to augment existing security architecture. Clearswift’s adaptive security, and particularly its Adaptive Redaction technology, compliments existing security products to enhance information security, counteract information-borne threats and provide exceptional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to mitigate data breach risks. Clearswift's deep content inspection is direction agnostic, meaning it works in either direction, so you can apply policies to inbound as well as outbound traffic, across email and web (including Cloud applications).

Clearswift SECURITY+ consists of a number of solutions that can benefit any organization within any industry and can also support GDPR compliance:

Clearswift SECURITY+ for Email, can be added as the intermediary between any existing email security gateway and email server. This will protect email from embedded document malware, including ransomware, on the way in as well as detecting and removing PII and PCI information on the way out, while leaving authorized information alone. Clearswift can also bring advanced security to Cloud Email applications such as Office 365 and Gmail.

Clearswift SECURITY+ for Web works with your existing web proxy by using the ICAP interface. It can be used in both forward and reverse proxy modes, as well as with secure file transfer applications which support ICAP. Default policies across all the Clearswift SECURITY+ solutions make them quick to install, easy to manage and seamlessly allow the application of consistent protection to mitigate risks across your key business collaboration channels.

Clearswift SECURITY+ for Exchange offers internal protection from unauthorized information sharing. While many organizations have security on inbound and outbound communication channels, internal communication is typically unchecked, enabling employees to share anything across the business. Unauthorized internal information sharing can lead to data leaks as serious as any that occur outside a boundary.

So there you have it - the extra layer of protection your business needs is available right here, right now. No need to cancel existing contracts or waste any more time looking for the next solution or the 'silver bullet'. Of course, if you would like to replace your existing email and web security solutions, take a look at our award winning SECURE Email and SECURE Web Gateways, which also offer the same Adaptive Security and data loss prevention features that Clearswift SECURITY+ offers, but with all the additional security you would expect from a gateway.

All Clearswift SECURITY+ solutions can be installed in ‘monitor’ mode which will enable you to see where the potential threats are without interfering with any traffic flows. Contact our team for a discussion and ask how you can deploy Clearswift SECURITY+ today.

By Dr. Guy Bunker, Clearswift

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